Sunday, September 22, 2013


We finally got our German Shepherd puppy! Moses is from Select K9s near Menomonie, WI and came home Wednesday night. He has quickly become attached to Aaron and his little squirrel toy. He is only 8 weeks old as of yesterday and is definitely very much a baby. He loves to cuddle, especially if he can be touching both of us at the same time or lay on our feet.

He had a little bit of a rough first day and had to go to the vet and get antibiotics for an inflamed intestine, which is apparently a symptom of the stress of leaving his mom and siblings. We got him some canned food to start easing him into hard food because he wasn't eating much of the hard food alone. He has been crying at night, but we drown it out with a fan and some closed doors. We have been trying to wear him out by keeping him awake and making him run after us and use up all of his puppy energy. He already follows commands to sit and come, now we just need to train him to not chew on everything he finds on the floor!

We live near a bar with outdoor seating and people often bring their dogs, so we took him there the past two nights. It is a couple of blocks away, so we carried him, but decided last night that it was time for his first walk. He is getting more curious about things around him, but still follows along nicely (with a few treats involved).

Enjoy some adorable pictures and if you are friends with me on Facebook you'll be seeing fun videos!

Sometimes we hold him like a baby... and he falls asleep.
He crawled in there himself. 

Sleepy puppy.
He isn't as big as he looks in some pictures.
Keeping my lap warm at the Malthouse!
8 weeks old.

Monday, September 2, 2013

labor day

Happy Labor Day! It so great to have a three day weekend after traveling for three weeks in a row. We got some things done that we have been putting off, but admittedly not everything. Instead we hung out with friends, had a bonfire, and got to pick cherry tomatoes at our CSA farm.

We get our CSA from JenEhr Farm in Sun Prairie, WI (about 25 minutes from our house). Normally they have CSA members come pick strawberries in the summer, but the past two years the strawberry crop hasn't been great. We got some delicious strawberries in our CSA, but they didn't have enough to host a strawberry picking event. Instead, they invited everyone to come pick cherry tomatoes this weekend. We were really excited to get to see the farm and do something new. Picking cherry tomatoes reminded me of picking blueberries, and in case you ever do it, the best ones are at the top. 

We got red, yellow, orange, and chocolate tomatoes to take home. JenEhr is certified organic, so the bugs were plentiful and there was pollen everywhere. They also let us take home some basil and I couldn't resist taking pictures of the kale plants. So much kale! We know we will be getting kale in our CSA for weeks to come.


We had to taste the product before taking it home!

Last night we made basil pesto because we have a ton of fresh basil in our yard already and a delicious pear, onion, and gorgonzola pizza with pears from the Farmer's Market.

We rounded out the weekend with some trips to neighborhood establishments, including a new brewery that just opened a couple block from our place. I hope everyone had a relaxing long weekend!

Cortado with almond milk at Victory Cafe