Monday, July 30, 2012

Leon Trotsky Museum

Well it has been a couple of weekends now, but when we visited the Casa Azul my co-worker and I also went to the Leon Trotsky museum. It is a couple of blocks away from la Casa Azul. Leon Trotsky and his wife had political asylum in Mexico and were living with Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, but then moved to their own home when Leon and Frida started hooking up (according to the Frida Kahlo Hollywood production...). He was killed there within the same year.

In the gardens.
Leon´s study.
The house has been kept mostly in the same condition and is pretty austere. Not a lot of decoration and very small rooms.
Boarded up kitchen window.
After multiple attacks all of the windows facing outside had to be boarded up.

Trotsky and his wife survived one attack by huddling in that corner.
Bullet holes.
Office and blocked off balcony.

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Last Saturday Aaron and I went with some friends to Xochimilco, which is supposedly the Venice of Mexico. It is famous for its calm rivers where you can rent colorful boats for as many hours as you want and float around. One guy steers the whole boat with one paddle. Its an intense job.

Along the way there are plenty of people to sell you food and drinks, like this woman selling grilled corn. (I forget the real name of this snack, its corn covered in mayonnaise, cheese, and chili powder.)

I told Aaron NOT to get it especially because there is no way that mayonnaise has been properly refrigerated. He got it anyway and he was so happy until he realized it didn't taste as good as it looks.

Making food. They tie themselves to your boat to cook.
Selling huge micheladas.
We shared one because they were so big! But Aaron actually doesn't like them so I drank it all.
Dead baby doll island. An art installation.

A boat named Miriam! Its hard to read.
We had a great time at Xochmilco but it was a pain to get there (2 hours on the metro). I am going again today with a group for my roommate's going away party, luckily I'm getting a ride!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gran Hotel

On Sunday Aaron and I treated ourselves to a night at a hotel in the historical center of Mexico City. I figured it was the only way to guarantee that Aaron at least saw some touristy stuff while he was here, since the hotel sits on the Zocalo, or main square.

We chose to stay at the Gran Hotel because it was a little nicer than the other options (Best Western?) and only cost a little more.
Tiffany Ceiling. 
Sweet lobby.
Before checking into our room we had brunch at the restaurant on the top of the hotel.
View at brunch.
When we booked our room we saw that it was only $20 to upgrade to a Junior Suite with a view of the Zocalo, so obviously we went for it (most of the hotel faces a smaller side street). Our room was definitely the biggest hotel room I've ever been in.

Our sitting room with an extra t.v. (which we didn't use) and the hallway leading to the bedroom. 

I forgot to take a picture of the bathroom, but it was super nice and there were bathrobes which just makes my life complete in any hotel.

View from our room. There was a big protest that Sunday.
The view at night was beautiful!
Complimentary chocolate covered strawberries... it was a surprise.
It was raining, so we decided to order room service, which was actually very affordable and delicious compared to room service at U.S. hotels I've been to. Plus the table they brought with a table cloth and flowers??? We loved it.

Chandelier in the entrance to the lobby.

 Aaron amazed at the chandelier... wishing he could stay longer!

It was a great hotel and very reasonably priced for the location and service. Our total bill with room service, mini bar, and a full sit down breakfast was well under $200. If you ever find yourself in Mexico City, this is a wonderful place to stay

Friday, July 27, 2012

Palacio de Bellas Artes

After a great brunch at our hotel on Sunday, Aaron and I took a short walk to the Alameda Central Park to see the Palacio De Bellas Artes (Palace of Beautiful Art).

Unfortunately the park was closed for construction, but we were able to go inside the Palacio and see some murals (no pictures allowed). I was happy Aaron got the chance to see some of Diego Rivera´s work up close and personal.

Since the park was closed, we headed to a cafe near the top floor of a Sears department store located across the street from the Palacio. I read about it in a guide book and it supposedly had a great view. We had some cold drinks and a brownie and got to see a rare view of the mountains surrounding Mexico City.

The Palacio has a theater inside and I am planning to go to a folkloric ballet show there next week (Aaron was not into that idea).

Thursday, July 26, 2012

More Chilaquiles

In case there were any questions about my love of chilaquiles, I have eaten my fair share since my last post on the topic.
The chilaquiles at Sobrinos brunch in Roma were some of the best I have had (and affordable). They had the  perfect amount of cheese, sauce,and crunch. I ordered a side of "papa hash browns" with them because I was craving breakfast potatoes.

Some restaurant near the Zocalo.
I´m not sure what this place was called and it was nothing to write home about (although I guess that is what I´m doing!). They were soggy and mushy. The good thing was they were super cheap, came with two eggs, and there was pico de gallo on the table.

I´m happy to say that Aaron shared my love of chilaquiles, and we had them three times while he was here (well once I ordered huevos rancheros but only because they also came with a little side of chilaquiles).

Chilaquiles at Maque.
The chilaquiles at Maque are super good. They are willing to replace the chicken with an egg and they come with a side of refried beans. The chips are cut into small pieces so they are easier to eat. Yum! I think they come with a little too much cheese but I don´t mind pushing it off.

Cafe de Raiz.
We also shared this plate of chilaquiles at Cafe De Raiz. They were ok, but we were pretty full from the tamales we ate and think I will stick to the tamales next time I go.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Aaron and I had a great time hanging out together in Mexico City. We ate chilaquiles, tamales, churros, tacos, guacamole, and some sushi for good measure. We drank tequila, mezcal, Mexican beers, and fresh squeezed juices.  We also were able to walk around and enjoy the nice daytime weather. Here are some pictures from our adventures. I'll be sure to post some more this week that deserve their own stories.

Cafe de Raiz for tamales.
Coyaocan Cathedral before a storm.
Shrimp head at Mog.
Protests in the Zocalo.
Floating in Xochimilco, the Venice of Mexico.
Roxy ice-cream!
Trying mezcal.
After Aaron spilled the whole table of drinks.
Making pastries at Maque. He totally caught me taking his picture.
Breakfast at Maque. 
Parque Mexico.
Fancy Milagro.
Top of Chapultepec Park