Sunday, September 21, 2014


Surprise! (not a surprise) We have a wonderful second puppy named Micah who hasn't had the honor of being featured on my blog (because I haven't posted in a long long time). Here are some adorable photos from the first few months we had him at home. He is now almost as big as Moses and has improved in temperament and behavior immensely (he was a little bit of a shit when we got him).

We now know what its like to keep a house clean with two dirty dogs and are looking for a bigger house so they can spread out a little. Enjoy the adorableness!

Saturday, March 8, 2014


At the end of January, Aaron and I finally got down to Tennessee to visit my sister and brother in law. Aaron took the week off and drove so Moses could join. I flew in on Friday and we drove back together on Sunday.

Moses enjoyed playing in the stream near the dog park and we had probably the best biscuit in the world at Tupelo Honey Cafe. We also conquered a puzzle that had been sitting out since August and Lou and I got pedicures.

Lou and Tyler have such a beautiful house- it definitely gave me the itch to buy a big home. Except I want one with a basement!

Puzzle finished selfie!

Sunday, March 2, 2014


I didn't post anything for the full month of February. I wish I could say I've been hibernating. I've been in California a lot enjoying the warm weather and freak outs over a little sprinkle of rain. The sun is shining today, which is a terrible trick because its actually 3 degrees. It is the type of cold where my whole body tenses up to try to get smaller and keep warm and there is no relief in site (at least not in the 7 day forecast).

I strongly question why we are living in Madison when even places like New York are getting 20 and 30 degree range days while were stuck in the teens. Yuck. 

Enjoy some pictures of what we've been up to for the last four weeks- playing with Moses, a chocolate and wine tasting at the botanical gardens in our neighborhood, basketball, and a box of bourbon courtesy of Harvest.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

a bug

Earlier this week I got a real treat- a chance to re-live some of my childhood memories. Unfortunately those memories involve vomiting non-stop and trying to drink gatorade (so you understand why there aren't pictures with this post). Very special. I was in New York visiting my sister last weekend and started feeling sick while I was at the airport for my flight home and my plane was delayed. Luckily it was only delayed for an hour because by the time we landed I thought I had an intense case of motion sickness that turned into staying up all night with my head in the toilet.

Where I noticed that Aaron hadn't bothered to clean the bathroom while I was gone.

Since I was too sick to sleep, I had a lot of time to remember all of the times I got the stomach flu when I was a kid. One time it was Christmas Day, another time at a friends house… pretty frequently, but I haven't had one since I lived in the dorms in college. And I always had a parent to take care of me- Aaron had to go to work, but he did get me a huge supply of gatorade and saltines (I only drank one bottle and had two crackers). I was so nauseous I couldn't scroll on my phone without losing it.

My immune system was weak from a respiratory infection and a hectic business trip, so I figure that is why I got sick. But I'd like to say these stomach bugs should really be reserved for children only and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

And my appetite for NYC bagels is pretty much ruined.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

new year goals

Moses taking a nap on my running shoes.

1. Save money to potentially buy a house- Moses needs more room to play and mortgage payments aren't much more than our current rent.

2. Run a road race- I was up to 5 mile runs this fall, but then I injured my leg about six weeks ago. I was having a hard time walking and had to take a lot of pain killers. Luckily it seems to be healing and I'm now able to use the elliptical and bike at the gym, but I'm ready to start running again!

3. Go to another country- direct contradiction to goal #1, but I'm really itching for an international trip and want to get Aaron somewhere other than Mexico.

That is about it… don't want to get too ambitious over here! Happy new year everyone!

Monday, December 30, 2013

the year 2013

According to Facebook my 2013 went like this:

  • I "left" the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Also known as GRADUATING with a Masters degree, but whatever.
  • Went skiing in Colorado.
  • Got a full time job.
  • Went to NYC for 4th of July.
  • Went to Chicago to celebrate our second wedding anniversary.
  • Went camping.
  • My mom got married.
  • We got a puppy.
  • …and then it was Christmas.
Facebook really focuses on vacations! Overall it does sum up the major victories of this year- graduating and getting a puppy. I'm guessing 2014 will be less eventful and that is fine with me!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

merry little christmas.

Merry Christmas! We are enjoying a lazy day at home watching (even more) snow fall, cooking some delicious food, and playing with Moses. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

big trees

Check out my friend Megan's blog for some great pictures of the redwoods (and me being dwarfed by them): A Rubita in California- Miriam's Visit


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekend in San Francisco.

Many of you have been wondering where I'm at since my blog has been pretty silent recently. First we had Thanksgiving in Michigan, and then I've been in California for the past two work weeks. Since I needed to be there two weeks in a row for work, I decided to stay for the weekend and Aaron flew out to see me. We spent our time in San Francisco exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery (and blowing through all of our credit card points to stay in a nice hotel downtown). 

Aaron and the Bay Bridge
I've been to San Francisco for dinner a couple of times, but haven't spent much time doing all of the touristy things there are to offer. It has been pretty chilly in California recently (the news there has been very dramatic about the "cold snap"), but the sun was out and it was above freezing so we were happy!

Our first day involved tons of walking: we went to the Ferry Building, Coit Tower (unfortunately closed for renovations), and then made our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. We should have got a taxi but the weather was so nice we wanted to stay outside. We were extremely lucky to get such clear days with no fog (you can actually see the Golden Gate Bridge!). By the time we got to the Golden Gate Bridge our legs were so tired we only went halfway across before getting a taxi and going to Chinatown for lunch.
Ferry Building
At the bottom of the steps to Coit Tower

Halfway up the steps. We had to stop and catch our breath.

Nice quad burner going down this street.

I asked the hotel concierge how much public transportation was… she told me the street cars cost $6 and they were "the ones you see on the rice-a-roni commercials."

After all of our walking we were exhausted and spent the evening watching the Big Ten Championship game. On Sunday we went to Alcatraz, since apparently Aaron has seen a lot of movies about it. I didn't know much about it except it was a prison. It ended up being a really interesting tour, if not a little creepy. The views from the island were fantastic! We ended the day with a delicious dinner at SPQR.

There are a lot of other things I want to do in San Francisco, so I'm hoping Aaron will be able to come back sometime. Next on the list is the Golden Gate Park, some wine tasting, and seeing some redwoods.

On the ferry.

What used to be the social hall.

Recreation yard.

They said a lot of the prisoners sat on the bleachers and looked at what they were missing, so Aaron played along.
Aaron in isolation, or "the hole."
So close to San Francisco

Sunset from our hotel room.
Macy's Christmas Tree.