Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Eve, 2015 + Chilaquiles

Happy 2015! Aaron and I celebrated with some friends at a bar in Madison. There wasn't any of that crazy open bar madness, but there was champagne (too sweet) and party favors. Sparkly hats = the reason its better to go out on New Year's Eve instead of staying home.

I like to plan ahead for not feeling 100% on New Year's Day, so I got ingredients for chilaquiles, the best brunchy food to come out of Mexico. I would eat them at any time of the day (I have ordered them for dinner before), but they are especially good as a hangover cure (supposedly). 

When I spent a summer in Mexico City I ordered chilaquiles whenever I went out for breakfast. I sampled so many and some weren't as great as others, but they were still somehow different than the ones I've had in the US. They just aren't the same (are there special extra thick tortilla chips in Mexico?). The ones I make at home do not come close either. If I ever go back to Mexico City I'm heading straight to Maque for breakfast, but for now this will have to do. You can't really go wrong with a pile of chips and salsa for breakfast, anyway.

I read pretty much ever chilaquiles recipe on the internet before picking this one out from SpoonForkBacon, so I thought I would share it. It was the easiest, while still being close to the real thing. My only comment is the eggs take longer than 15 minutes to cook, which can then dry out the chips too much. Buy extra salsa to heat up and pour on top or fry your eggs instead of baking them over the chips. 

Try it out yourself or maybe just order chilaquiles if you ever see them on your brunch menu. Maybe if we keep demanding more, restaurants will get the hint.