Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Devil's Lake

On Monday, Aaron and I woke up with no plans for celebrating the 4th and a vacation day. We decided to take a trip to Devil's Lake state park, which is about an hour from Madison.

I had been to Devil's Lake while visiting my college roommate, so I knew there was some cool hiking. After we paid our entrance fee, which unfortunately was more $ due to our out of state license plates, we found a place to park near the beach and set off the find some trails.

I was looking for Balanced Rock and Devil's Doorway, two cool rock formations. The climb to Balanced Rock is steep and very rocky. Aaron said he was sweating watching every step I made because he was afraid I would fall. I was just sweating. It was a good workout and worth it for this view:

As you can see, we are a little shiny. It was hot!

We didn't get any pictures of balanced rock because it was mobbed by people by the time we found it (we passed it, went to Devil's Doorway, and came back). The increase in traffic also made it difficult to get back down the path. Its a lot scarier going down.

Devil's Doorway.

After our hike, we immediately changed into our bathing suits and went swimming. Then we had a picnic, played frisbee, and laid in the sun. We also enjoyed listening to the myriad of languages spoken by people going by.

Even though it was crowded, it was a great way to spend the day off. I'd like to go back and hike some of the other trails and maybe camp here. One good thing about Wisconsin State Parks (as opposed to Michigan) is alcohol is permitted, so camping is more enjoyable!

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