Friday, February 15, 2013


Let's grow mold together
Who has a champagne headache this morning? That would be me. I know people tend to stop celebrating their dating anniversaries when they get married, but when your first date was on Valentine's Day it is easy to remember and cute love-y cards are everywhere.

I don't think Valentine's Day is really a gift giving day, besides the little things like cards and chocolate and flowers. Aaron convinced me we were giving each other anniversary gifts, not Valentine's Day gifts and he really decided to spoil me. 


I have been drooling over this Breville Tea Maker for two years (since I realized coffee was not making me feel good). It didn't help when we got an awesome coffee maker wedding gift and I couldn't use it. Everyone knows the best part about coffee pots is the auto-start option that lets you wake up to your coffee already made. I wanted that with tea! Now my dreams have come true and I can be even lazier in the mornings. This morning I just woke up and poured my tea into my cup instead of waiting for the water to boil, pouring it over the tea, and setting the timer.

Yay for making mornings better.

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