Thursday, April 11, 2013

Diet Variety: Black Eyed Peas

I have been thinking about black eyed peas since January 1st, when everyone was posting recipes of black eyed peas and greens (for good luck in the new year). I remember the same thing happening last year: I contemplated black eyed peas for months, but I never made anything with. I have really been craving beans and lentils lately, so I decided it was time to actually buy some black eyed peas and fulfill my belated New Year's good luck.

I'm happy to say I have pretty much broken the habit of using canned beans. It is cheaper and less wasteful to buy dried beans, especially in bulk. When I want to make beans I buy a big bag of dried beans from the bulk containers and cook them over the weekend in my slow cooker (which is actually a pretty fast and hot cooker). Once they are cooked, I use the beans in multiple recipes during the week and usually freeze some, too.

The black eyed peas have been a nice change from the beans and lentils we typically eat. The recipe I originally planned for the black eyed peas was a soup with collard greens, but I decided to use them up in burritos as well. They are a lot like pinto beans and go great in Mexican themed dishes.

I have avoided almost all Mexican food since spending last summer in Mexico. I think we bought corn tortillas once and they were just sooo stale tasting I never used them up. I don't recommend (or normally consume) the super big, white flour, processed tortillas because they have weird ingredients and aren't half as good as fresh tortillas. BUT sometimes I make exceptions because big delicious burritos are lacking around Madison and you have to make them for yourself!

Now please enjoy this out of focus intragram of my black eyed pea/kale/sweet potato/mango salsa burrito (searing the outside of the burrito in a hot pan is the key to deliciousness).

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