Saturday, January 18, 2014

a bug

Earlier this week I got a real treat- a chance to re-live some of my childhood memories. Unfortunately those memories involve vomiting non-stop and trying to drink gatorade (so you understand why there aren't pictures with this post). Very special. I was in New York visiting my sister last weekend and started feeling sick while I was at the airport for my flight home and my plane was delayed. Luckily it was only delayed for an hour because by the time we landed I thought I had an intense case of motion sickness that turned into staying up all night with my head in the toilet.

Where I noticed that Aaron hadn't bothered to clean the bathroom while I was gone.

Since I was too sick to sleep, I had a lot of time to remember all of the times I got the stomach flu when I was a kid. One time it was Christmas Day, another time at a friends house… pretty frequently, but I haven't had one since I lived in the dorms in college. And I always had a parent to take care of me- Aaron had to go to work, but he did get me a huge supply of gatorade and saltines (I only drank one bottle and had two crackers). I was so nauseous I couldn't scroll on my phone without losing it.

My immune system was weak from a respiratory infection and a hectic business trip, so I figure that is why I got sick. But I'd like to say these stomach bugs should really be reserved for children only and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

And my appetite for NYC bagels is pretty much ruined.

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