Saturday, August 11, 2012


I fly back to Madison bright and early tomorrow morning. I don't think I will fully believe it until I am going through customs at O'hare. The past ten weeks have been exciting and my internship was great, but I have never been so excited to go back to the U.S.! I guess having a husband at home changes your perspective on adventuring.

I still have one more post about Mexico to write, because I went on a day trip to Tepotzlan on Wednesday and it was amazing, so look out for that. In the meantime I thought a little summary of what I will and will not miss is in order.

I will miss:
-the food
-my internship, coworkers, and friends
-my shower that literally is just a shower head in between the toilet and the sink (even though it is cold a lot!)
-practicing Spanish
-and of course, the palm trees.

I will not miss:
-the pollution
-the traffic
-being stared at
-and the Mexican keyboard.

The things I missed the most this summer:
-my bike
-and my kitchen.

Can't wait to enjoy all of those things tomorrow evening! Here is to hoping for safe and non-delayed flights.

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