Friday, August 31, 2012

Volunteering: UW Arboretum

The past few days have been filled up with orientation events for the new class of students at La Follette. Since I am on our school student association board, I have been busy helping to make sure events run smoothly. 

The first thing that was planned for the week was a volunteer event at the University of Wisconsin's Arboretum. There was a similar event last year that I went to and enjoyed. The Arboretum is great at hosting volunteers and gave us a lot of work to do and plenty of tools to go around. They also give background on the arboretum and what it is used for, why its important, and why you are cutting down stuff. 

We started facing this bushy area with the goal of removing anything that was woody to create a line of site to the prairie.

We didn't cut down the largest trees, but there were a lot of trees that needed to go. I took pictures but also sawed or clipped down my fair share of trees.

Our volunteer group in the area we cleared. Very sweaty but feeling accomplished!

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