Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sutter's Ridge Farm

The weather on Sunday was warm and sunny (unlike the rain we have had the past two days), so Aaron and I decided to take advantage of it and get outside. Our favorite fall activity is eating carmel apples, but we are not eating sugar, corn syrup, or dairy, which are all common ingredients in carmel, so we opted for a corn maze at Sutter's Ridge Farm instead.


Aaron looks way too tall for the corn maze in this picture, but there were parts that were taller than me! And it actually turned out to be more than we could handle... we had to use the map to find the last marker and find out way out.


When we finally finished the corn maze, we picked out a pumpkin. Aaron wanted to get a big one. It is still waiting to be carved on our deck. They also had a big play area for kids and it looks like its a nice place to pick different fruit like apples and raspberries. Maybe we'll go back next year and enjoy one of their delicious looking carmel apples!

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