Monday, October 1, 2012

Two Weddings

This past weekend we headed to Chicago and Kalamazoo for two different weddings. Unfortunately we both have been sick for a week with bad sore throats and going to two weddings doesn't exactly sound fun when you feel like crap. I'm happy to say we stuck it out and stayed until the end of both weddings and we did have a lot of fun.

The first wedding was for my older cousin, Kyle. I went to the rehearsal dinner on Thursday, which was at Wrigley Field. We snuck onto the field where another event was going on to take some pictures.

My favorite place to get burritos when I lived in Wrigleyville.
Breakfast with Mom and Jack.
Kyle and Katie's wedding was held Friday evening at the Lincoln Park Zoo. We didn't know what to expect (would the ceremony be next to some animals?), but when we got there I knew why they picked it. It was a beautiful venue. I especially liked their music choices for the ceremony which ended in everyone singing "All You Need is Love" together.

My trolley.

Ruth and Sean riding on the trolley to the wedding ceremony.
Cocktail hour.
On Saturday morning we woke up after not enough sleep to have breakfast with two of my friends in Chicago and debated going home to Madison. But instead we headed in the opposite direction toward Kalamazoo. We made it with only a half hour to spare to get ready and headed over to the Kalamazoo Nature Center for one of Aaron's best friend's wedding. 

The ceremony was outdoors and the reception was in a big barn on the property, complete with yard games and a campfire.

Enjoying the home-brewed beer.
Meghan and Aaron.

We had a great time at both weddings but needless to say we both had to take a day off today (I only missed one short class but Aaron wasn't happy to call in sick for the first time in almost two years).

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