Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rocky Mountain Skiing

Aaron and I just returned from a great vacation in Colorado. Thanks to the amazing generosity of friends and family (and the September screw up of Frontier Airlines), we were able to take what would be a very expensive vacation practically for free.

Aaron has been wanting to visit his friend Chris in Summit County for a long time, but lodging and ski passes are prohibitively expensive. Plus I don't have skis, so add on a rental charge. We were able to get all of these things for free and spend over a week in and around Breckenridge skiing, relaxing in a hot tub, and eating good food.

Although everyone assures me I'm a very fast learner when it comes to skiing, I did not escape without injuries. I have a bruise covering my whole left knee and at one point I fell and my skis hit my shin and sliced through two layers of my snow pants, long johns, and a wool sock before lightly grazing my leg and leaving a nice swollen bump.

Luckily nothing serious happened, but I have to say I don't fall as gracefully as I did when I was a kid and I definitely don't bounce back very fast. Too bad for my snow pants, those were brand new and a big upgrade from Aaron's hand me downs that need suspenders to stay on me.

After some more skiing lessons from Aaron I was able to ski the harder runs and even did one black diamond, which I actually thought was one of the most fun runs we did.

I was able to overcome my fear of heights on most of the chair lifts and the views were incredible! The pictures don't do them justice, but enjoy.

Good morning.

Lunch at the bottom of Peak 7.
Having a beer at 10,000 feet.

Breckenridge Brewery

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