Sunday, August 11, 2013

Camping in Baraboo

Aaron and I spent last weekend in Baraboo, WI camping near Devil's Lake State Park. Aaron has been to Baraboo many times because his company worked on the hospital there, but I have never been in the town/city/not sure what it is. It is actually much bigger than I thought and there were quite a few cute restaurants that made me wish we didn't bring so much food with us!

This was our first time camping with our new air mattresses that tuck inside of our sleeping bags. They were actually pretty comfortable and it was the first time I've slept on an air mattress and didn't end up laying on the ground in the morning.

The weather was perfect for campfires. When we were driving there we had a conversation that went something like this:

Aaron: I love camping. I get to build a fire while you sit and watch.

Me: And put up the tent while I watch. And make dinner...

Aaron: While you sit and watch.

Which is all totally true, I am a very lazy camper, but this time I actually built one of our fires myself. I was very proud.


We stayed at a private campground since we are last minute planners and all of the state park spots were booked long ago (it is cheaper to camp there). Still, we got to go hiking at Devil's Lake and did some great people watching with our friend Kelsey. Before heading there we went on a bike ride to get coffee. Baraboo is super hilly, FYI. We went to this cute coffee place where all of the people knew each other. They clearly thought we were strange for walking in with spandex and biking shoes on but that made the whole thing more entertaining.

Aaron tried to make a cobbler but we forgot some important things like a can opener and tongs for the coals, so instead we made it when we got home on Sunday.

Oh and we bought some plants for our house! We got this large tree-ish plant that I walked home for a mile in a wagon and is now sitting in our dining room. But realistically Aaron will have to keep it alive because I 

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