Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Camping: Wisconsin River

Since moving to Wisconsin, Aaron and I have wanted to go camping. There is so much beautiful land and a ton of state parks (which unlike Michigan allow beer, a requisite for a good campfire).

Unfortunately we had only used borrowed camping supplies from family and we are far away from all of our family now. This summer Aaron decided it was time to start collecting our own camping equipment and he bought us a tent. He was determined that we would go camping before I started school, but we cut it close. Classes started yesterday so Labor Day weekend was our only option (we picked up our sleeping bags from the store a day before we left).

I had heard a lot about the Wisconsin River but we had never been, so we picked a campground right along the river about an hour west of Madison. The campground was cool because it had "secluded tent sites," which meant we were basically surrounded by trees and bushes, instead of being on top of other campers.

Luckily Aaron is really into camping so I let him do most of the set up. Our tent only takes about 5 minutes to put up. It took longer to take it down when we left!

During the day we hiked, did a 30 mile bike ride, and swam in the incredibly shallow river. 

We were in the middle of quite a few very little Wisconsin towns. There were lots of farms, tractors, and pro-life billboards. It was interesting to get out of the Madison bubble for a little bit.

We had a great time but I am happy to be back in my bed and with my own wonderfully clean bathroom!

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