Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Barrel Brewing Company

So there is a lot of talk happening in Wisconsin right now about alcohol consumption because the UW Population Health Institute came out with a study saying that binge drinking costs the state of Wisconsin $6.8 billion per year. Apparently Wisconsin consumes the most alcohol in the U.S. Not really something to be proud of being number one for, huh?

The study was interesting to me because they estimated the cost using things like lost productivity and absenteeism from work. It is really similar to what we do for cost-benefit analysis (I wonder if they included any benefits).

The reasons people in WI drink so much are both cultural and legal (in my understanding). Cities control liquor licenses and they sell a lot of them. This means there are a lot of places to get a drink, so people drink more (hmm sounds like soda consumption...).

Anyway, I'm not complaining. There is always a new place to try and there is especially a plethora of microbreweries. This little one (a nano-brewery), One Barrel Brewing Company, opened this year in the Atwood neighborhood, which is right next to our neighborhood.

Things I like about One Barrel:
1) They sell other beer besides their own.
2) The stools are pretty and they have a bike on the wall.
3) They make frozen pizzas.
4) Aaron let me get one of their t-shirts.
5) They raffled off a wheel of gouda cheese during Packer games.
6) Their mascot is a little penguin.
7) If you bike there on a Thursday night you get a beer for $1 (just show your helmet).

So we can't really partake in number 7 because it is about a 15 minute walk away, although we have joked about bringing our helmets with us on our walk (but we won't cuz we are too honest). We've only been twice but its really cute.

Also, the beer is good and the staff are nice! That is all it takes for me to keep going back.

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  1. What do they have on tap? And yes I read your blog :)