Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Top of the Capitol Tour

Visiting the Wisconsin capitol building is always a must-do when we have visitors. It is a beautiful building and its best when you can go outside around the base of the dome and get a great view of Madison.

Last Friday my program hosted a social event at the capitol where we got to go on a special tour to the very top of the capitol dome. This tour is only available via senator request and luckily we have a student who works for a senator.

Mural at the top of the first dome.


Our group stopped at the top of the first dome to look at the painting. There was fishing wire strung across the opening to protect the painting. It was put up during the protests two years ago when people were releasing balloons.

We headed up to the top of the second dome in groups of six, because the area at the top is pretty small. There were a lot of stairs and it was a gross day, so I was wearing my heavy rain boots. Not ideal for climbing a winding staircase when you are afraid of heights! I made it to the top though with only a little bit of a stomach ache.

Even though we couldn't see much because of the rain, it was so cool to be way up on top of Madison and look out over both lakes. If you can get the hookup, this tour is way better than the average capitol tour.

Read more about the capitol tour here.

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