Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mangos and Knives

It is mango season and mangos (mangoes?) have been extremely cheap at Whole Foods for the past few weeks (only $1!). I ate tons of mangoes last summer in Mexico, but I still pretend I don't know how to cut them at home so Aaron will do it. Also we recently bought a knife sharpener and I cut my thumb this morning, so I think I should steer clear of the knives for a while. I kept telling Aaron how dangerous dull knives are and then we finally sharpened them and I cut myself, of course.

Luckily some of my favorite blogs noticed the mango sales and posted some great recipes to use them up. Fresh salsa is so delicious, but its one of those things I'm always too lazy to make. The mango salsa recipe available here is awesome and can be used in two great recipes: a salad and tacos. We did both and they were perfect for the warmer weather we've been having.

Aaron took this picture with his new iPhone 5.

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