Friday, May 10, 2013

Spring + Allergy Remedy

It is mid-May and we finally have our spring. Although it is raining and in the 50's today, the past few days of warmth and sun mean it is safe to say my favorite half of the year has started (the warmer half!).  I can't wait for summer, although I'm hoping it is not as hot as last summer was here (well, I missed last summer because I was in rainy Mexico City so I will welcome warm weather). We signed up for a CSA box and I can't wait to start getting some vegetables. A full share was recommended for vegetarians, but we went with an every other week box (half share) since we are new to a CSA (ours was cancelled last summer due to the heat) and we like to shop at the Farmer's Market.

Unfortunately all of the flowers and green things seem to be giving me my first ever spring allergies. I was always the one in our family who proudly had no allergies, which I liked to rub in. A lot. But as I got older they started to get me too. First the cat allergy, then the end of summer hay fever, and apparently now whatever happens during spring.

When I came home from Mexico last August I got hit really hard with allergies. I tried taking a Claritin and almost passed out at work from how drowsy and drugged I felt. Not the answer for me. After talking with some friends and doing some research I tried a combination of ground flax seed and local honey every morning (flax meal in my smoothie or granola and honey in my tea). This is actually difficult for me because I prefer unsweetened tea, but I was desperate.

And guess what? It worked. Within two days I felt totally better and continued the flax meal and honey regime throughout fall until I felt it was sufficiently cold and I thought the offending pollen had to be dead. Even though I don't like sweet tea, it was way less painful than taking allergy medicine.

I started again this morning and am hoping it works on spring allergies as well. If allergy medicine makes you feel gross then I suggest you try this combination for a week and see how it goes. (It is important that the honey is local so the bees were pollinating the plants in your area.) Hopefully it lets you enjoy being outside without feeling like a medicated monster.

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