Sunday, June 9, 2013


I feel very old saying I am 26. Something about being over the mid-twenties hump makes me feel very aged. Starting a job where I am older than many of my coworkers (at least during training) is probably not helping the matter.

Starting something new, whether it is a new job or a new semester in school has always come with a little bit of an adjustment period for me. It lasts a week or so and the main adjustment is my eating schedule and how I can fit all of my snacks in during the day and maintain a healthy diet. It usually involves me being ravenous multiple times during the day/week. Add my birthday into the mix and this week was pretty intense!

The bar at Graze.

For my birthday dinner on Wednesday we went to Graze, a restaurant right on the capitol square in Madison that I've been wanting to eat at for a long time. They don't take reservations and it seems crowded most of the time, but I've heard many good things about the food and I'm always willing to wait a while. Aaron and I have become especially skilled at snagging seats at the bar, which we did on Wednesday night for our 45 minute wait for a table. Often we just eat at the bar, but since it was my birthday we waited for the table.

Pickled veggie appetizer. The asparagus was the best.
For a birthday present I had asked Aaron that we do something together (I told him I could buy whatever things I wanted myself... hehe). He got us tickets to a Milwaukee Brewers, which I have been wanting to go to for the past two years. I am always jealous when Aaron gets to go to a game with his co-workers in the summer.

We went last night and it was a great game. We got free t-shirts and the Brewers won! I was a little nervous about all of the foul balls though (someone got hit in the head during the game).

Miller Park was clean and fun although severely lacking in vegetarian dining options (unless you want fries or a pretzel for dinner). Next time we'll have to tailgate with all of the other people in the parking lots.

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