Thursday, June 27, 2013

Madison Mallards

This past Sunday Aaron and I finally went to a Madison Mallards game with our friends Kelsey and Ryan. I've heard a lot of good things about these games but always thought they would be somewhat like watching high school baseball (they are actually college baseball players, but yeah). 

Luckily it was way better and way more fun. The whole thing reminded me of going to Lansing Lugnuts games when I was a kid, except with a smaller stadium and more cheese curds.

We got tickets in the regular stands and it was basically filled up, which made it fun. I especially liked the entertaining activities, like having two babies race to their moms on top of the dugout. And how the announcer says "weiner" whenever there is a foul ball (I guess if you catch one you get a free hotdog). 

Next time we'll probably go for the Duck Blind where you get unlimited food and drinks with your ticket. Also they have veggie burgers, which is a huge step up from the food offered at Miller Park (and its cheaper).

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