Monday, November 21, 2011

Carrot Ginger Soup

Since the weather has been below freezing every morning for a couple weeks now, I guess its time to admit that fall is ending and winter is coming. To me, that means it is appropriate to have hot soup multiple times a week.

We have made this soup twice and loved it both times. By "we" I mean I put the ingredients on the grocery list and then Aaron made the soup- team effort! Here is the link to the recipe: Carrot Ginger Soup. It says coconut milk optional, but I don't think its optional at all.

Besides being delicious, this is a way for me to consume an orange food without having the starch from pumpkin, sweet potatoes, or regular squash. However, after doing a smoothie fast and then spending a week strictly without starch I'm not sure this will be a sustainable diet for me. I was hungry the whole week and I felt like I was eating wayyy too much animal to make up for the starch and beans I wasn't eating.

While I don't mind having fish once in a while and usually like eggs and cheese a few times a week, more than that has not been sitting well with my conscious or taste buds. I also think not having healthy starches around (like sweet potatoes and other starchy vegetables) leads me to eat less healthy starches and more bread (which I did immediately after my self-imposed strict week was over). It might just be a problem of adjusting to a new diet, but I think its time for a new approach.

I will probably try eating those vegetable based starches and not having wheat, corn, rice or beans. I think that will be easier for me and may still have some benefits. For now I'll go worry about my statistics mid-term and resume the quest for the perfect diet after Thanksgiving!

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