Monday, November 28, 2011

New Car

To celebrate our four month anniversary, Aaron and I decided to get ourselves a present. But when I sat down to write about it I realized I never mentioned our 3 month anniversary present. I never mentioned it because taking its picture would mean I would have to clean our whole apartment from top to bottom, and thats Aaron's job. Just kidding! But when you live in a 3 room apartment and you get tons of awesome wedding gifts, things tend to clutter a little bit and look crappy in a picture.

Anyway, I know I wrote in some wedding thank you notes that we were saving our money for a couch, and we were lucky enough to have it delivered last month, about a month ahead of schedule (seriously, we ordered it in August and it wasn't scheduled for delivery until around Thanksgiving). We were so excited because 1) all we had to sit on was a futon; 2) neither of us had ever bought a real piece of furniture before. Also it is super comfortable and awesome and the L-shape means we can both lay down at the same time. We also saw it as our first big purchase together. But that didn't last very long.

First of all, we drove home to Michigan in our "lovely" Saturn and when we came back our muffler started making noise. Then winter started to threaten us with all of its wind and wetness and snow.

Most of you know that sometimes it seems like you need a sleigh just to get around in winter. You probably don't know that I really don't enjoy winter mostly because I hate driving in it. The only thing that kept me comfortable going to and from work last December was knowing my car had all-wheel drive. But then we sold my car when we moved here.

And also last December the Saturn got stuck in that little bit of snow that gets left next to the curb when they plow. Luckily Aaron was driving at the time and someone stopped and pushed him out, but basically when I thought of winter all I could think of was being stuck on the side of the road or in a ditch because the Saturn weighed as much as me. Even our combined weight would not keep us on the road.

ANYWAY long story short we decided to buy a new car. We picked our new Subaru Outback up last week and got to spend our 4 month anniversary driving it to Michigan for Thanksgiving. It was a much more enjoyable ride than normal, complete with new car smell and heated seats.

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  1. Primo ride! Glad I got to see it at Thanksgiving -- but even more, glad I got to spend time with you and Aaron!