Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lunch Dates

Valentine's Day lunch.

For the past month or so Aaron has been assigned to a job on the UW campus not too far from where most of my classes are. I'm also free around lunchtime on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, so we have been trying to get together for lunch at least one day a week. Its nothing fancy, we just eat our packed lunches in one of the break rooms in the building he is working on, but its fun to see each other in the middle of the work day.

Although we eat breakfast together every day, its at 6:00 a.m. and neither of us is very talkative. We usually are looking at our respective technology apparatus (not good for communication... but at least we are sitting together!). At lunch we are both more awake and we leave the technology at home so we can actually talk about what is going on.

It is also cool to see where Aaron works so I can at least make some sort of connection to all of the stories he tells me. His project at this building is wrapping up soon, but he is assigned to work on the one next to it after this, so hopefully we'll be able to keep our lunches going all semester!

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  1. It's the little things that matter. They always will. Enjoy your "brown bag" lunch times together!