Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parsley Carrot Salad

Is any one else excited that February is almost over? I can't believe how fast it has been going, at least in relation to the hellish slug of last semester. February is one of my least favorite months, second only to January with its seemingly endless days of freezing cold. At least February is a shorter month. This winter has been extremely mild compared to Madison last year. Unlike Aaron who loves snow, I'm not complaining, although the global warming issues that might be causing it do concern me.

With the end of February, I'm also hopeful this will be the end of winter. Last year, winter seemed to last forever. We had some sorta warm days but it was chilly and in the 40's and 50's until June. I'm crossing my fingers that we don't repeat that lovely weather this year. I'm ready to be sitting on the Union Terrace with a pitcher of beer!

Unfortunately, the end of February also means the start of mid-terms and kicking the semester truly into gear. I have three midterms the first week of March, what a drag.

To get me through the reading and research I have been doing since this semester started, I have been making big bowls of salad variations on Sunday or Monday to eat for lunch all week. Some have been a flop and I had to throw them away because I just wasn't eating them, which makes me feel incredibly guilty (I'm sure my parents told me starving kids in China would be happy to eat that broccoli when I was little). However, this salad recipe is so great and simple and I look forward to lunchtime when I can eat a big bowl of it!

The salad ingredients are simply shredded carrots and a bunch of parsley. The light cumin lime dressing mixes in perfectly, I'm surprised how simple but delicious this salad is. I like to top mine with sunflower seeds and sometimes eat it on top of mixed greens (as pictured) or kale. Today I had it over warm quinoa for a more substantial lunch. Try it!

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  1. Looks yummy. You can cook for me any time. February always seems to drag even though it is the shortest month. Not happy to see it end though because that means a crazy March begins!