Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Traveling and Lemony Lentil Soup

The past few days have been pretty unproductive. I've gotten all of my immediate school work and reading done, but haven't been studying or working on my projects that should be getting attention. Instead I'm restless and have tons of energy for exercising, cooking, and just being on my feet in general.

I started having caffeine on Sunday, so that could have something to do with it. I also think my diet has been giving me increasing energy for the past month (more about that later). But the main thing that has been distracting me is thoughts of traveling.

We are headed to New York for my Spring Break and we couldn't be more excited, as neither Aaron or I have ever been. We have already planned where we will have dinner every night and most of the places we want to check out. Getting to stay with family makes it even better, since we can benefit from their time living in the city.

Then, the other day I had an interview for a summer internship in Mexico. We went to Mexico for our honeymoon, but in my mind I have never actually been there because the resort hardly counts. I've been badly wanting to go to Mexico since college when I wasn't allowed to study abroad there because I was a senior, so the possibility of spending a couple months there got me excited.

Those two things just sent me into a spiral of collecting photographs of places I want to travel to someday, or places I've already been but would like to show Aaron (collecting via my places to go pin-board on Pinterest).

Even though I know its likely I won't see all of the places I want to in my lifetime, it makes me so happy to think about the possibilities. It has made me realize how I need to prioritize travel in my life more, like I did in college. The only difference is now I have somebody to come along with me and share the memories.

Since its been so springy out (it rained yesterday) and my mood has been so bright, I found the perfect recipe to compliment my mood: Lemony Lentil Soup. Although its spring like outside, its still in the 30's, so a citrusy soup is a great combination.

(click on the link above for much prettier pictures!)

The best things about this soup are that its cheap, pretty easy (takes around 30 minutes), and makes a lot. It also will warm you up and make you feel like spring is just around the corner at the same time. We love this soup and will be making it again soon.

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