Friday, March 9, 2012

Life in a Day

Since Aaron and I don't have cable, or even a digital t.v. to pick up local channels, we rely on the internet for our entertainment. This often means watching t.v. shows a day after they air when they are posted online. The commercials are minimal compared to real t.v., which I prefer because commercials drive me crazy!

We also subscribe to Netflix for watching movies. We only have the dvd delivery service, because they recently started charging extra for instant movies on your computer and we felt like it wasn't worth the money (not all movies are available and sometimes the streaming quality is bad).

What I love about Netflix is how it gets me to watch movies I never would have found before, from documentaries on John Lennon to a crazy funny movie about getting into private kindergarten in New York. It also suggested the movie we watched last night, called "Life in a Day." The movie was compiled from 4,500 hours of video from around the world, all shot on July 24th, 2010 (a Saturday).

Aaron and I both enjoyed it, even though he put off watching it for a week because he thought it sounded boring. So, highly recommended as an interesting and beautiful snapshot of life.

Here is a clip from the documentary: A Day at a Time featuring Ellie Goulding

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