Saturday, March 3, 2012

The post where I brag.

I'm in the midst of studying for my statistics and macroeconomics mid-terms that are coming up this week, so this will be quick.

I got two pieces of good news this week that I wanted to share. Aaron is really proud of me even though in my opinion I put in very limited effort for these things:

1. I will be getting a project assistantship for next year! It was possible, but not guaranteed until this week, so I'm really happy. That means no more loans and no paying out of state tuition. It also means grad school was basically free for me (ok I have to work a little bit, but it will be research experience which is relevant and good). I won't find out who I'm working with or the project until the summer.

2. A few weeks ago I took the Foreign Service Officer Test, which is the first step to working at the State Department. This week I found out I passed it and am moving onto the next round (writing 6 essays). While I am definitely interested, I'm not positive that this would be the right career for me. I took the test to see what it was like and I didn't study, so my investment was minimal. Still, there is some pride that comes with passing tests and knowing I didn't spend that Saturday morning at a testing center for no reason.

Yay me. Now let me enjoy these successes as a distraction from the looming torture of my mid-terms.....

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  1. You rock, Miriam! Those are two VERY good pieces of news.