Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Breckenridge, CO


This past weekend Aaron and I went to Colorado for his friend's wedding. I had never been and we had a great trip planned. We wanted to get there early so we could spend some time in Denver and go to the bachelor/bachelorette parties on Thursday night. 

Unfortunately our plane wasn't able to take off and we had a pretty rough day at the airport wondering when we were going to get to Colorado. It included waiting in line for over 3 hours and hardly moving, going through security twice, trying to get on standby flights, and eating breakfast and dinner in the same airport restaurant. While we finally got to Denver around 11:00 p.m. that night and Aaron got to go to part of the bachelor party he had planned, it was exhausting and kinda put a damper on the rest of the trip for us since we were pretty tired.

I didn't take any pictures of that part of our trip because it was too depressing, and no pictures in Denver because we weren't able to do much besides eating breakfast there.

The wedding was in Breckenridge, a little under two hours from Denver. The town had a beautiful view and lots of restaurants, cafes, and hiking, but it was a little too touristy for me (even though there weren't any tourists I could only image what its like during ski season). My favorite part was seeing the mountains and hiking. I wished I had brought some actual hiking clothes and shoes.

My brother and sister in law on a random chairlift sitting on the ground. 
Breckenridge is above 9,000 feet, but the altitude didn't really bother me, probably because the air was sooo much cleaner than the air in Mexico City! Climbing up this hill did leave me a little out of breath, though.

Ready for the wedding.   
The wedding took place at a hotel/resort on the side of a mountain, and this was the amazing view on the deck. It was beautiful and certainly put our little park wedding to shame :)
Planting an aspen tree.
Congrats to Chris and Meghan!

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  1. How beautiful you look and handsome Aaron looks. Lovely wedding photos and scenery of beautiful Colorado. I understand how hiking up a hill in that altitude can be a challenge. I tried to run out there...haha...and drank a Margarita that made knees buckle. Thank you for sharing, and I am sorry about the travel issues. Hope the trip back was nicer.