Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Governor Nelson State Park

The weather on Saturday was beautiful, so Aaron and I decided to go on a bike ride. We have been on the same loop around Lake Monona multiple times, but haven't really ventured around Lake Mendota much (on the north side of Madison's isthmus).

Some googling led us on a 20 mile ish ride to Governor Nelson State Park and back. The ride was very nice until we ended up on a loose stone road getting hit with pebbles for the last few miles to the park (we do not have a flat tire kit... our plan is to call the Green Cab company which has bike racks on their cabs... we are smart). When we got to the park we were happy to find out its free to get in on a bike. We road to the water and took a break on the dock.

It is a nice park with swimming, picnic tables, a volleyball net, playground etc. We'll have to head over when the weather gets warm again!

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