Sunday, September 23, 2012

Less is More?

I think I spoiled some of my faithful blog readers (family) over the summer by posting almost every day about something interesting and exciting. Well, I was in Mexico City, surrounded by new people, places, and things! Of course I had a lot to post about. I also had no responsibilities beyond my internship and skyping with Aaron, so it was easy to find the time.

Unfortunately my cushy summer life ended abruptly and this semester is going to be a little bit crazy. Besides keeping my part-time job, I also have added a project assistantship, which means I do weekly research for a La Follette professor. I'm taking four classes, which is a lot, and I am in charge of planning my classes graduation ceremony and reception. PLUS I got offered an internship with the U.S. State Department that I just couldn't turn down.

So as you can see, sleep deprivation will probably become an unavoidable part of my life. The work load is adding up quickly. I will still be posting but don't be surprised if there are longer gaps in between posts. Honestly, I am just not doing anything that interesting besides studying and reading the news. I try not to post about those things on here because most of you would find them boring and they require more thought out writing than talking about going to a new park. ANYWAY if you are interested in any of that you can make a Twitter account and follow me on there, where I regularly share articles and opinions.

Disclaimer: I am not a State Department or Federal government employee! Anything I post on here (or twitter) is my own opinion.

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