Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby tree.

We got this baby Christmas tree on Sunday night after I spent all weekend (and by all I mean I had a couple of hours to shower and sleep in between but basically Friday night to Sunday night*) hanging out with my Cost-Benefit Analysis group. I needed some Christmas cheer.

We decided to get a real tree for three reasons:
1) We are staying in Madison for Christmas so we can't go without a tree like we did last year.
2) We have nowhere in our tiny apartment to store a fake one.
3) Our parents never let us have a real tree and now we get to choose for ourselves and we need to fill the gap in our childhood. Also, I remember being traumatized by how my parents wouldn't let us put up our tree until Christmas Eve. Well ours was up on December 2nd! So take that traumatized childhood. I'm rebelling.

We decided to get a baby tree because it was so cute sitting outside of Whole Foods!

Also it was just a lot less of a commitment than a big one... no tree stand, only one string of lights, a lot cheaper. Its like how couples get a puppy when they aren't ready to commit to a baby.

I love it! I hope it survives until December 25th. My track record on plants isn't so good.

* so you can see how good I look after marathon project writing in that photo, right?

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