Sunday, December 23, 2012

Snowed In.

As I'm sure no one failed to notice, there was a huge winter storm this week. There was rain, sleet, high winds, and lots of snow. We got the wind and snow part of the deal in Madison.

The snow began to fall Wednesday night and didn't stop until Friday morning. Luckily Aaron and I had already planned to spend Thursday at home, relaxing together to celebrate the end of my third semester in grad school. Turns out Aaron did not need to take the day off: everything in Madison was basically closed. If they weren't, they realized their mistake and closed early.

The snow was heavy and caused a lot of power outages. We were lucky enough to just have some flickering lights! Many of my friends had flights that were canceled and delayed travel plans, but I think they have all reached their homes safely.

Today we are turning this pot full of dough into delicious cinnamon rolls and delivering them to whoever we can find who is still in the area. We will keep a couple of pans for ourselves, but with over a pound of butter in the recipe, we don't need to keep very many! I recommend making them yourself sometime, you won't regret it: Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Roll Recipe.

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