Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This week brought to you by: Cookies

It is officially the last week of my semester. Between now and next Wednesday I will turn in two projects and two papers and say adios to the semester from hell. I have already given two in class presentations this week and have one more tomorrow.  Not all of the work is the best I've ever done but it will be done, which is the important part right now!

Aaron decided to make cookies on Monday night while I was at a group meeting on campus. I think he is getting bored of watching stupid videos on youtube while I do school work (maybe). The reason we don't ever buy or make cookies is I ate three of them yesterday. At the end of the semester my scrutiny of what will make my body feel good becomes very blurred. Good thing we also had a raw kale and cabbage salad for dinner: Kale, cabbage, and carrot salad. 

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