Thursday, May 26, 2011

Challenge Phase 2

This week marks the start of Challenge Phase 2 on the elimination diet, which is when you add all of the food that a lot of people have issues with: gluten, dairy, yeast, eggs and corn. You are supposed to space it out for as long as possible, adding one item and then waiting 14 days before adding another. But I'm a little impatient to get some eggs and bread, so I'm going to do 1 week increments.

Yay, I get to add wheat! But without egg, dairy, or yeast. So what to add? My answer was tortillas, bulgur, and barley.

Bulgur and barley are two things I have never cooked and rarely eaten, so I searched out some recipes to try.
From Cates World Kitchen. Very tasty, although we definitely had to cook our bulgur on the stove.

From Cooking Lessons. A great way to use in season asparagus and try something healthier than arborio rice. I thought it was chewy and gross, Aaron liked it.

Unfortunately, while the food has been delicious, the results have been mixed. I've felt more tired and had a headache every day this week. It could be weather related, but my digestion also hasn't been top notch. I don't plan on cutting gluten from my diet at this point, but I do plan on limiting it a little bit.

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