Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Planning: Hair

A time is coming up... very quickly... where I need to decide on some sort of wedding hair style so I can can have my hair/makeup trials before my final dress fitting. This is sort-of kind-of exactly similar to the shoe situation. Something I put very little thought or care into and then am forced to form an opinion and make a decision quickly!

Yay for the internet for providing an unlimited supply of wedding hair pictures for me to look at.

Although I love low ponytails and curls, the reality of the end of July is that it will probably be hot and most likely humid. To avoid sweaty hair, a total up-do is probably my best option.

What I would really prefer is a stylist who could look at me, consider the weather, and then decide on something that would make me look great. Unfortunately, this probably won't happen when I walk into the Idun Salon, so I need to come prepared.

Here are some examples that I like a little bit. I am leaning toward something like the first and last one, I have a headband, so I think that would work with the first style. Also I have only spent approximately a half hour looking at pictures, so any suggestions are helpful. What do you think?

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