Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Wisconsin Dells

Last Friday Aaron started texting me in the afternoon. They went something like this:

Aaron: Do you want to go to a water park with my coworker tonight and tomorrow?
Me: uhhh how much does it cost?
Aaron: $$$ much
Me: What am I going to eat for dinner?

You can see where my priorities lie.

Anyway, we did decide to go and it was a great little last minute getaway. Of course, we were talking about an indoor water park in none other than the famous Wisconsin Dells. If you have never heard of the Dells, click that link please. It is a strange place filled with indoor water parks and touristy traps (can you say outlet malls and chain restaurants galore?). And trust me, it did not disappoint with strangeness. There were a lot of people from Illinois and a lot of children.

After a scenic hour long drive through farmland that smelled like cow shit, we arrived at The Wilderness Resort. They have three indoor water parks! Apparently Friday nights aren't popular and we got a great room for the same price of every other normal room. Here are some crappy pictures I took of our huge hotel room complete with fireplace, kitchen, dining area, and jacuzzi tub.

For being a tourist trap, the water parks were really fun. They have multiple slides that are exciting to people above the age of 10.

The best ride for sure was The Hurricane. Riding in a four person tube, you slide down a dark tunnel with lightening, etc and you can't see anything until you go down a steep steep drop into a half-pipe. Here it is from the outside, taken from our hotel room:

I screamed, a lot.

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