Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The FMIL comes to Madison

FMIL stands for future mother in law. Over this past weekend, Aaron's mom came to visit and help us address our wedding invitations. Unfortunately, we didn't take a camera anywhere with us, but we did do a lot of stuff. We mostly took her to places we had been before, but the few others I'll talk about here.

Friday night the weather was beautiful, so we made our first real visit to the Memorial Union. The patio overlooks Lake Mendota and its a great place to hang out and drink beer. It was packed, but we snagged a table and got some Spotted Cow. We were having a really good time, the music was just starting, and we could have stayed forever, but the food leaves something to be desired on a limited diet, so we had to leave for dinner.

On Saturday, I took Aaron's mom to the farmer's market while Aaron went to work. After missing a week or two of the market due to traveling, I was impressed by how much it has grown. There were a lot more vendors and vegetables available. We got some great stuff, like honeycomb, morel mushrooms, and baby beets. We also got the beautiful flowers in these pictures.

We finished addressing our invitations on Saturday and they were in the mail for Monday pickup. If you don't get one in a few days, you're probably not invited!

On Sunday, we went out for breakfast at the Sunroom Cafe, a new place for me. Aaron and his dad ate there when they came to Madison to find us an apartment. We went mostly because they offer tofu as a breakfast option. It was a really cute place with great service and we got a seat by the window overlooking State Street. Unfortunately for me, what I thought was just a tofu and bean breakfast burrito turned out to have a lot of peppers, tomatoes, and spices in it. I picked the vegetables out, but I still spent Sunday evening feeling pretty crappy.

The weather was great all weekend and we even had a resident dishwasher for a few days. Aaron is not happy to get his job back!

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  1. haha...a good friend of mine that just got married Mother's Day weekend--the girl who did the reading at our wedding--had a stack of her invites (including mine) get lost in the mail. Well...not so much lost as delayed and returned to her about two weeks before the wedding. You may want to check with random invitees in the next week or two to make sure everyone's getting them.