Monday, April 23, 2012

Finding the best Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary from Genna's (with an Oberon side-car: the baby beer is common in Wisconsin and Genna's lets you pick anything on tap).

Sorry for the noticeable lack of posts this past week.  Its that time of the semester when everything is due.  I have two exams and an important paper due this week.  Add that to picking classes for next year, planning for the summer, and trying to maintain a healthy exercise/social life and I hardly have time left to eat (cue junk food).  I could bore you all with some macroeconomics talk or discuss my paper on radionuclide contaminated food from Japan but I don't want to give away all of the excitement of grad school. Maybe its time to start hiring Aaron to write my posts.

I do have something to talk about today that is important enough for a study break: Bloody Mary's.

The best thing that came out of my second round on the elimination diet is that I discovered I can eat tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes again. I don't know if it was the time off or the probiotics and enzymes I've been taking religiously, but what used to give me a terrible stomach ache isn't bothering me at all now.

Still, I have been taking it easy for fear of retribution and haven't been cooking with peppers or tomatoes beyond the introduction phases. It is so nice to be able to order food at a restaurant and not worry about every ingredient... I would have missed out on some great food in NYC. Lobster mashed potatoes? And don't get me started on the vodka pizza sauce.

One thing I have happily been taking advantage of is the freedom to drink Bloody Mary's again. They are one of my favorite drinks and I went a whole year without one! Sometimes I would have a taste of Aaron's, but I was always afraid of giving myself a stomach ache.

Since allowing myself to have tomatoes and pepper's again, I have tried multiple versions of the Bloody Mary, including versions with tequila. Aaron always asks for his spicy, which is way too much heat for my now sensitive tastebuds.

So far I have had Bloody Mary's at the following establishments:
Cooper's Tavern, $6
El Dorado Grill, $6.50
Sardine, $6
Genna's, $6
Cookshop, $12

Guess which of those places was in NYC?

All were delicious, complex, and adorned with lots of good stuff.  Some were thicker, spicier, more pickle-y, etc, which allowed us to pick the winner so far: Sardine.  Aaron agrees, although nothing beats his uncle's homemade mixture fresh from his garden!

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