Monday, April 9, 2012

NYC Day 2

For our second day in New York, Ruth took the day off from work to show us around. We fueled up on bagels (the infamous whole wheat everything bagel!) and spent the day walking around downtown/lower Manhattan. We definitely got out a good workout in. Later we met Sean at Sweet Afton in Astoria for dinner, drinks, and pickle back shots.

Since Ruth and I don't live close to each other anymore, we aren't used to people asking us if we are twins all of the time (which used to be a regular thing). This happened a lot in NYC, but the best was at the bagel place. Ruth ordered her bagel (Whole Wheat Everything toasted w/plain cream cheese) and a few minutes later I stepped up to order for Aaron and I. I ordered the same thing as Ruth and the guy was just staring at me, so I repeated myself, thinking I ordered wrong. Then he said "but you already ordered that, do you want another one on top of the first one?"

The joke was on him when he realized we were twins and all of his co-workers laughed at him.

World Trade Center and Zuccotti Park.

Wall Street.


Battery Park.

Riding the Staten Island Ferry.

On Staten Island.

Brooklyn Bridge.

Sweet Afton for dinner and pickle martinis.

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