Wednesday, April 11, 2012

NYC Day 3

Here are some pictures from our third day in New York. Ruth and I had plans to hang out together and then meet up with Aaron and Sean for dinner. We got manicures ($8!), then went to ABC Kitchen for lunch, a highly anticipated meal (we had to make reservations a month in advance). The food was fantastic and we got to catch up for a couple hours.

After lunch, we went on some shopping adventures in a couple different neighborhoods. I finally got to buy the purse I wanted that everyone in NY has, but no one in Wisconsin has. We also checked out the new Uniqlo and of course, got our rings cleaned at Tiffany's.

Aaron and Sean hung out together and were so generous to win us crappy stuffed monkeys from the arcade they went to.

Dinner was at Blue Water Grill in their Jazz Room. It was too dark to take good pictures, but we were seated right next to the performing band, which was really fun. The food was fantastic (they had me at the lobster mashed potatoes) and we spent a total of three hours there enjoying our dinner and drinks before calling it a night.

Grey nails. Not the same shade!

Getting our rings cleaned at Tiffany's.

ABC Kitchen.

Union Square and Plaza Hotel.

Monkeys Aaron and Sean won for us.


  1. What purse did you get? Looks like fun! I think I need an $8 manicure too :)

    1. Le Pliage tote bag from Longchamp's... in my favorite shade of black :) my manicure just started chipping a little today. They did a really good job on my nail shape too!

  2. Great photos again, Miriam!

  3. That's awesome! Maybe Ruth and I can go there too :)