Saturday, April 14, 2012

NYC Day 4

Sorry for the delay in posting the pictures from our last day in NYC. I had a statistics project due yesterday and it seems that I caught a cold on one of our flights, so its been a rough week.

Saturday in New York was great, it was the only day that all four of us could spend together. We started with brunch at Cookshop, then went for a walk on the High Line, a park built on old elevated train tracks. Then we went to the Chelsea Market, witnessed a massive pillow fight in Washington Square, and headed back to Astoria for one more pickle martini at Sweet Afton before an amazingly delicious dinner at Vesta, located right around the corner from Ruth and Sean's apartment.

Huevos Rancheros at Cookshop.

The High Line.

Chelsea Market.

Washington Square and crazy pillow fight.


Oh yeah, one more thing. Our suitcase gained a little bit (a lot) of weight during our trip, because we brought home these...

A dozen whole wheat everything bagels (plus two extras that we ate at the airport).

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  1. "Chelsea Morning" is one of Joni Mitchell's first songs. She said it was written when she was living in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC.