Sunday, April 29, 2012

Birthday Fun

Aaron's card, in which I promised not to do homework all day!
Today is Aaron's day of birth.  We've been celebrating all weekend with good food and drinks.

We started the weekend with some morel mushroom hunting... at the Farmer's Market and Whole Foods (they are way cheaper at Whole Foods, fyi).

Last night we had a great dinner at Sardine.  If you are ever in Madison, I highly recommend eating there.    There are a lot of great restaurants, but this is the only place that has impressed us with every single dish every time. Its also not as big of a budget buster as other places, which means we can afford that extra nice bottle of wine or special appetizer. Which we did last night.  Well I could go on and on about Sardine for a long time, but moving on.

After dinner we got our favorite drink, Justin's Yellow Jacket at Opus, which I wrote about last year.  Those drinks in the picture are still the best ones we've had from their menu. Finally, we made the cold walk from the Capital Square back to our neighborhood, where we stopped at The Weary Traveler for a late night snack and game of Yahtzee (I won).  Birthdays are exhausting!

Of course just because Aaron had his birthday dinner last night didn't mean we could let today go to waste. I woke Aaron up with his birthday present, a new wallet I snuck back from New York.  Then we had "the best brunch in Madison" at El Dorado Grill.  We have been once already and we each ordered the exact same thing as before: Chilaquilas and Eggs Benedict. Someday we'll branch out to the rest of the menu. Maybe.

Brunch at El Dorado
Next we went to see a movie, which is a big treat for Aaron because I'm not big on movie theaters. I don't like not being able to pause it to go to the bathroom or paying a million bucks for a gross snack (Aaron got a bag of Reeses Pieces for the very unreasonable price of $4.50). Aaron loves going to movies so we decided when we have a kid that can be his special time with them and I'll never have to go again.

We also picked up scones from our favorite bakery for lunch, had beer and fried cheese curds at The Great Dane, and are getting pizza from The Roman Candle for dinner (its down the street from our apartment).  We sure are supporting the neighborhood establishments this weekend.  Happy Birthday Aaron!

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  1. You both had a wonderful weekend, celebrating a wonderful person! Hooray!