Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Bathroom and Protests

Apartment tour continues... I was going to write about the living room, but apparently I only took two out of focus pictures of it and its too gloomy/dark today to take more. Here are a few photos of our bathroom:
The kitchen and bathroom are the only areas of the apartment without hardwood floor. This whole thing was a messsss when we moved in.
Thinking about it makes me not want to shower.

Always wanted a seashell shaped sink....?

And the best part of the bathroom is the ventilation system!
Yes, that is lead based paint.

I've been enjoying this week of warm weather and large protests concerning unions and new Republican governors. The best part of all is that the public hearing lasted forever, like all day and overnight and most of the next day, which I find hilarious. The NY Times has been updating the story here.

The general gist is: public workers are angry because Gov. Walker is trying to pass a bill where their unions would lose a lot of bargaining power and they would have to pay more of their own salary for healthcare and pensions. I can see the arguments on both sides.

For: Walker promised to balance the budget and private workers pay more for their healthcare and probably don't get a pension anyway ("It's not fair").

Against: There is a reason people become public workers and its not for the fatty paychecks. You can't take away all of their bonuses! Plus, unions are somewhat important to the history of America.

The end. You can probably tell which side I side with more.

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