Monday, February 28, 2011

The Wedding Shoes

On Friday night, I set up appointments to get my wedding dress altered in Kalamazoo. The fittings will be the Tuesday's after I was planning to be in Michigan anyways, so all I need to do is extend my trips (easy enough without a job, will be a pain/impossible with one).

Unfortunately, one of these trips is coming up in 2 weeks. When the seamstress said "Make sure you bring your shoes with you" I had a mild panic attack.

Shoessss... somehow I had tucked this detail away with things like final guest count. You know, last minute stuff.

Faced with only two weekends left to find shoes, we went to the mall. I hate malls. There are two main malls here and they are both super crowded. Plus, they are full of 12-16 year olds. This is an age bracket I don't normally run into and I'm thankful for that.

The malls are not abundant in the shoe department, so I didn't expect to find anything. I also didn't think I was ready to buy anything yet.

But my hatred of spending weekend afternoons at shopping centers is stronger than I knew. The pure desire to not go to another mall next weekend compelled me to choose some shoes. And actually I couldn't pick between two pairs, so I got them both (both reasonably priced).

First up, I wanted something comfortable that I would wear again. I decided a wedge would be best for possible wet ground during the ceremony and picture taking. Plus these are so comfortable, which has never been my experience with heels. Although I know they aren't very "wedding," but they are so comfy and cute I couldn't put them back.

Plus, who really sees the shoes anyway? Dress hint: my dress is not short. It will cover the shoes.

But for the moments when the shoes might peek out.... umm if Aaron convinces me that a garter toss is necessary for the happiness of our reception.. I got these really fun Nina's (thank you for making narrow shoes for people with freakishly thin feet, like me).

Very sparkly and on sale! Aaron picked these ones out.

They look awesome, but definitely need a gel insert to help my foot fit in the right way. Also, they go with the grey "theme" "colors" whatever. I briefly considered forcing all of the bridesmaids to buy these shoes. But I changed my mind because I want them to be my friend's still when the wedding is over.

Oh, I also learned that I wear a 7 in heels and should stop buying shoes that are too big for me. The end.

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