Monday, February 28, 2011

The Willy St. Co-op

This weekend Aaron and I were determined to save money. Did you know weddings are expensive? Especially when one of you isn't working... and when you move to another state mid-way through saving for your wedding.

I created a menu for this week based mostly on food we already have and made the shortest grocery list ever. Our weekly grocery bill has been close to (or over) $100 every week we have been in Madison, which is at least $30 more than we spent in Farmington Hills per week. And we are shopping at the same store (Whole Foods). And we are not going crazy with food, although we have started buying two different milks.

Anyway... this week would be different, I make the list and Aaron complies by not trying to talk me into more expensive products everywhere we turn. Although this week he talked me into getting cheese curds (which I can't even eat) and a $7 box of tea (I'm weak). But taking that stuff out of consideration and my grocery bill was $50!

We wanted to check out the Willy St. Co-Op and decided to get all of our groceries there. I can't say that we will shop there more than Whole Foods, but their bulk food section was wonderful. You can bring in your own containers and they were not out of anything (WF has been out of rolled oats every week and ran out of dried black beans a couple weeks ago, scandal).

I have been getting into the bulk foods recently. I like the idea of only buying what I need and I especially like the idea of re-using containers. But... if you aren't a member, there is a 5% surcharge on your purchases, so I'm not sure that Willy St. will become part of our routine.

I made these granola bars (because granola bars with actual nutrients are expensive). They would have been better with rolled oats instead of the quick oats I had. I blame Whole Foods bulk section!
mmm. Combo of pumpkin, applesauce, honey, and chocolate.

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  1. Not sure if you know, but the Willy St Coop membership for a 'lifetime' is only $50 or so. I sucked it up my first year here and it's totally been worth it. Or you can split it up between years.

    Scratch that, just realized for two people it's close to $100.

    Either way, welcome to Madison and it was nice to meet you today!