Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I finally got my hair cut. It has been.... too long to remember since I had it cut in a salon and probably almost a year since I cut it myself.

Here is me pre-haircut:
Hello stringy split-ends.

I went to the Aveda Institute, where you can always get a good deal ($12 for cut and wash) if you are willing to let a student cut your hair. I'm not an advocate of all beauty schools, but I have had good luck with Aveda Institutes and I love Aveda products, so I go.

Aaron gets his hair cut like once a month. We had to do a monthly budget recently and I put down $10 for his hair care and $2 for mine (products). He thought it was unfair until I reminded him I haven't paid for a haircut since we started dating. So, because I have been saving all of this money, I decided to treat myself to a pedicure ($15) as well. Obviously the atmosphere was not as nice as a real Aveda Salon, but definitely was worth 15 bucks! Winter feet are not pleasant.

I got about 5 inches cut off. It feels so much better.

Please ignore the jackets draped around our apartment. We need a coatrack, its an emergency situation!

Also made this beer bread today:

Kept it classy by adding a full can of PBR. It's going to make great avocado/sweet potato sandwiches tonight and lunches for Aaron for the rest of the week (I hope... actually haven't had great luck with beer acting as yeast).

Edit: The bread was perfect for the messy/monster-sized sandwich!

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  1. quick little tip about the Aveda Institute. If you make your appointment for before 10:00 am then your haircut is half priced. $6 haircut!

    It was great to meet you yesterday!