Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Most Helpful Twin Sister

Ruth has always been helping me out. Even before we were born she was there to support me, letting me grow bigger and stronger than her little four pound self! I think what actually happened is I got a little bigger and she got a little bit of a bigger brain. This became especially obvious in high school when I liked to steal/borrow/copy her math homework since I obviously didn't do my own. Then when test time came around I would beg her to give me a crash course in trigonometry and I always got a slightly lower grade than her (hmm... a little suspicious).

Anyway, this past fall I was planning to apply to the Ford School at the University of Michigan for a master's program. I worked on the essays for a few months and was preparing to submit everything by January 15th. But then, it started to seem like we were definitely moving to Madison, so I started a last minute application to La Follette at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It was due on New Year's Day and the two essays I wrote for U of M needed to be combined into one.

Ruth sat with me and went over the essay word for word, changing it from a sort-of good statement to a polished piece I actually thought represented me well. I told her if I got into grad school, it would be thanks to her!

Yesterday I got this email:

"Dear Miriam,

I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the Master of International Public Affairs program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison."

All thanks to my big (little) sister! Cheeeeeers Ruth!


  1. Wow! Congrats, Miriam! And yes, you and that woman in the photo with you are 2 of the most awesome individuals I've ever met!