Friday, February 18, 2011

The Democrats Disappear

Well, I bet Governor Walker didn't see that one coming. Most of you are probably following the news in Wisconsin since its become a national story. When I was walking to the gym yesterday morning it was becoming quite the scene around the capitol as people crowded inside to be present for the vote. These are normally somewhat deserted streets at 9:30 a.m.
Tons of school busses brought people to the capitol
(area schools were canceled for a second day).
Some people got a cushier ride.
Protesters heading inside.

When I left the gym, the crowd had multiplied and people were trying to squish inside, as the vote was to take place at 11 a.m. While I walked home, people were marching toward the capitol on State St. I felt bad for them, as a Republican majority would pass the bill for sure.

But surprise, the Democrats didn't show up! With only 19 Republicans, at least 1 Democrat needed to be present for the vote (20 senators total). And they all left the state. I found it hilarious, especially imagining security and police searching the capitol and city for the missing Senators. But what could they do? It was their only option to stall the vote.

Since schools have been closed, there are a lot of kids protesting with their parents. The other day I saw a mob of preschoolers with signs pinned to their coats. It reminded me of all the great lessons protesting can teach kids. Like about democracy and, for example, what the middle finger means. I learned that sticking up your middle finger is bad around the age of 5, while attending a pro-life rally. I'm pretty sure my mom told us they were just saying hi, but we figured it out.

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