Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Carmel and Apples

Aaron and I picked ten pounds of apples this weekend at Eplegaarden. We've been to orchards before, but actually picking apples was a first for both of us. There were two types of apples available for picking on Saturday: McIntosh and Galas. We started out grabbing a bunch of the McIntosh for pie, but after tasting them and realizing they were sour and probably wouldn't be good for eating plain, we moved onto the Galas.

The apple trees were so full of apples, they looked like over-decorated Christmas trees.

Since we don't have the full secret family pie crust recipe yet, Aaron decided to make some carmel to dip the apples in. This is the most amazing, cheap way to make a delicious snack/dessert for fall.

Some people are afraid to make this because there is a chance that the can will explode and you will have a sticky hot mess all over your kitchen. BUT thats only if you let the water get too low. We aren't afraid of that and we do watch it carefully the whole time.

Take one can of condensed milk and place it in a large pot of water. Bring to a boil and continue to boil for 3 hours. Carefully remove with tongs and let cool until its safe to handle.

And then you'll have this glorious can overflowing with deliciousness. Yum. I'm thinking of other ways we can use this stuff, but have to admit its probably best straight out of the jar and into your mouth. The apples are just a vehicle for the sugary, creamy stuff.

I also have to say that maybe this is a better recipe for a cooler day or winter (but the apples won't be as good!). Having a pot of boiling water going for three hours creates some not-so-welcome humidity.

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  1. Nancy made the caramel last night. We just had it for dessert tonight. Wow! So good! It was much better than the sugary jar-type caramel I've always had. Thanks for introducing us to this.